Turmeric Red Lentil Soup

The big winners in this badass soup are



Mustard seed


Cracked pepper (my own hack)

Coconut oil fats (my own hack is add MCT powder)

I add the Boars Head chipotle mustard as that’s the kind of heat in back of throat I like for spicey.

The black bean spaghetti is high in protein so watch it if doing ketogenic. It’s a fantastic consistency addition. Takes only 4 mins to make and I keep a mixing bowl of it around in the fridge. I take the soup… sprinkle the noodles on top then heat in microwave or stove top.

I keep my salt on lean side in the actual recipe so guests and I can add their own to personal preference.

I always double my batch size.

Oh! It has fennel, some don’t like how intense that can be so I cut that to a third of what the recipe calls for.

And as we all know, soup tastes best the next day 🙂