Keto Pancakes

Killer keto pancakes: Mello Cakes

2 egg yolks

Equal parts of following:

– Coconut flour

– Almond flour

– Flax seed flour : make sure it’s milled or you won’t get benefits of the flax

– Quest protein baking powder, unflavored.

I spotted it at Vitamin Shoppe yest and it sorta created a pivot around which I pulled together a pancake concoction in my head.

Use water to thin as desired. I like my pancakes thick.

Mix, stir and cook on hot griddle with MCT or just straight up coconut oil.

Use organic maple syrup or honey as a glaze. Today I used organic honey as the glaze. Note: this is “infection vector” for carbs when any of the sweet glaze is used, be careful lol

They’re F’n incredible and have over 30g protein plus all the good fats!

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